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Location: Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Area: 500 sqm 

Client: Undisclosed  

Use: Jewelry store

Scope: Design

Budget: Undisclosed

Status: Concept

The AHF Jewelry showroom is both romantic and luxurious. Taking the visitors on a journey throughout the making process of jewelry, both visually and sensory. Raw materials used to make jewelry-like precious metals and precious gemstones are rough in its natural state and go through many stages of refinement. The showroom façade portrays the discovery of precious metals like a cut through the stone with a gold lining representing the start of the journey and the showroom entrance. Large rough slabs of stone run through the space giving it a feel of grandeur yet the lighting make it more intimate. This exciting combination offers visitors a more private experience in search of their perfect piece of jewelry.The pieces individually displayed in uniquely designed cases on a rough stone base encased in a glass box


The showroom colors and general ambiance is wise, mature and elegant. Confident straight, crisp lines flow through the space mainly visible at the golden stairs creating a design statement in the middle of the showroom to reinforce the main principles in jewelry making. It is unique, delicate, and shows a high level of craftsmanship.

The showroom offers clients VIP rooms for even a more intimate experience on the upper mezzanine level as well as individual men’s jewelry section. Visitors leaving the AHF showroom should go with a lasting impression more like visiting museum be- holding the world’s nest treasures. 

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