Location: Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Area: 2,500 m2

Client: Friends Zone Academy   

Use: Kindergarten

Scope: Design & Construction management

Budget: SAR 3,500,000 

Status: Completed  

The project located in Jeddah city, with a built up area of 2500 m2. The scope of the project entailed both architectural and interior design


Given the nature of the project, the philosophy behind the design was to maximize natural lighting throughout, as well as the overall indoor environmental quality to create optimal learning spaces. Combined with the integration of elements, materials, and colors within the design create classrooms that are both suitable and engaging for children.


The architectural façade follows the same approach, defined by boxes and free form shapes presented in the exterior tent and the main building structure through the use of colored boxes throughout the building illustrating the unique characteristic of the school identity.  

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