Location: Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Area: 5,200 m2

Client: ALJ lands

Use: Residential 

Scope: Design & Supervision

Budget: Undisclosed 

Status: Under construction   

Narrative of place is both interpretive and emotional aspects of environmental experience, the combination of physical and social attributes creates an environment. Gallery N (previously 577 Residence) emerging contemporary lifestyles and integration of sustainable technologies and historical contexts.

The project is located in Alnahdah area, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, in the heart of one of Jeddah’s most important areas with plot area of 1,272 Sq. m, 5,200 sq. m built up area and 6 floors height.

The development brings the concept of lateral living to a city characterized by its vertically accented architecture, creating a contemporary interpretation of an historic setting.

Gallery N (previously 577 Residence) is about experiencing a unique lifestyle sensitive to the Jeddah city environment by creating a contemporary interpretation of an historic setting and through its strategic use of materials, colors, openings, details and atmosphere. To relate the building to its context, and reinterpret vernacular climate control system into a contemporary ambiance, mashrabiya elements with wooden louvers are used to provide shading and filtration of lights inside the living spaces, allows ventilation and natural lighting but giving more privacy and rhythm within its proportion to the external building facade.

The building has a minimalist, modern aesthetic, exposed large glass window to maximize the view toward the green courtyards, other materials that are historically found in Jeddah like natural coral stones are used in façade elements and cladding. Framed screens of vertical extruded elements provide a contemporary solution to privacy and further shade the apartments, while echoing the timber shutters on windows of the adjacent buildings.

The central courtyard and other two courtyards at the rear of the building is dramatically pulled out from the exterior parameter allowing light to flood the apartments and decreasing the visibility of the development to the rear.
The 6-storey residential building offers 10 large apartments and 10 medium apartments each with a large living area, different views over a green courtyard. In addition to the roof apartment with large outdoor terrace and landscape garden square. The building is served by advanced security systems and features ground parking accessed by an elevator and one shot stair from the main lobby. The typical floor lift lobby provide unprecedented experience to the residents overlooking the green courtyard through the perforated shading screen.

Environmental Strategy:
- Internal courtyard.
- Green roofs: created top green roofs to minimize the heat absorption.
- Solar panels: provide solar panels on the top of roofs to save energy.
- Thermal insulated external walls.
- Shading screens: provide shading and filtration of lights inside the living spaces
- Double glazed windows.
- Smart system.

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