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Location: Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Area: 5,000 sqm 

Client: Undisclosed  

Use: Kindergarten

Scope: Design & Construction Management

Budget: SAR 12,500,000

Status: Under municipality approval

Green Sprout kindergarten located in a new residential neighborhood at the north of Jeddah city, Saudi Arabia, a unique design of kindergarten school composed of 20 classrooms, large auditorium, library and other facilities.


Inspired by nature and the urban fabric of the site, the idea is to create a green and sustainable community for kids by the distribution of educational areas and choice of materials, integration between indoor and outside space. 


The central atrium is not only a source of natural lighting and ventilation but also a core of emotion and communication.  It helps kids to keep cohesion of the family and strengthen the contacts with friends and relatives, and to connect nature and universe in a touchable way.


The building is divided horizontally into two sections, one for the educational spaces and the other section for the auditorium and library. The proposed design provide a green courtyard environment for children at the rear side to perceive nature, to recognize society and to build up themselves with a memory of courtyard life, all the sensory perceptions related to the light, the colors, the sounds, the tactile suggestions - are designed taking into account of the pedagogical and educational related to the growth of the child.


The outdoor shading devices inspired by natural concept and proportion of green leaf and palm trees structural simulation, the high performance PVC sheets covered the skeleton of top canopy using materials with low environmental impact. In particular, the supporting structure is made up of steel frame with rubber protection layer: a safe and ideal material to keep the thermal insulation of the building.



The high insulation, the optimal distribution of transparent surfaces, the use of advanced systems for rainwater harvesting and insertion of a photovoltaic system on the roof, will allow the building to minimize the use of mechanical equipment to meet the energy needs of the school. So children are driven to discover places that are complex and at the same time familiar, where they can develop abilities through special features of each.

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