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Location: Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Area: 1.16 km2

Client: Saudi Industrial Property Authority  

Use: Industrial City

Scope: Engineering and Landscape Design

Budget: Undisclosed   

Status: On hold

This urban megaproject involved the collaboration of international firm Lessard Design Inc., responsible for the architectural design, and CA+ as both the full engineering and landscape designer, enabling the project to advance from concept to reality.


In addition to soft and hardscape design, infrastructure and landscape works included the design for power, water, irrigation, public lighting, effluent networks, storm drainage, telecommunication, roads, earthworks, and structures. Mechanical, electrical, and structural works were designed as part of the full engineering package, as well as the preparation of the detailed design for these in addition to the architectural and interior works. The scope also consisted Value Engineering, as well as quantity surveying, where cost estimates and BOQs were prepared for all works throughout the project across all stages.


The design development was approached such that it abides by LEED standards, and specifically to achieve LEED for Neighbourhood Design (Leed ND), taking into account factors affecting both environmental and social sustainability, in order to create a distinctive design that promotes a raise in building standards in the region. 

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